Testimonials 183.Take up the “pot” and follow the Lord – Xiaofan


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When throwing the pot, you don’t feel that you are throwing the pot, and the chemistry of difficulties and emotions is very high. “I hit someone else’s car door, and blame people for not opening the door, blame the coach for not stopping me” “I was indignant before for carrying other people’s pots, but now I finally made a mistake myself” “It turns out that the virus does not distinguish between nationality, borders, and races, may we be closer to God and distance between people’s hearts and evil”


01 . Where does life not fly pot?

It is often seen that adults teach children to have the courage to admit mistakes to be good children, but what about adults themselves?

When I read Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales as a child, I thought how could there be a story of the emperor’s new clothes? It doesn’t make the slightest sense. Looking back now, as many people say, those fairy tales couldn’t be more real, and I was one of the actors! I have always felt that I am a reasonable and fair person, but the self-preservation image and self-protection in the face of mistakes is really the same as the behavior we despise some people today. Does confession really damage majesty and trust? Only by Him can we acknowledge that man is so self-righteous and self-righteous.

Regarding dumping pots, I still remember the car accident that happened at the end of last year. At that time, I hit someone’s car door, complained that the left door of the other party should not be opened, and hated that there was a car mechanic in the car, and the people were frightened and frightened into the hospital. The brother who sold the car to me did not show up, but fortunately, there was still strong insurance to pay, and he did not pay the third liability insurance. Anyway, I hit someone else because of poor car skills and didn’t stop when turning, but I blamed the coach next to me for not stopping the incident in time, in short, blame others. Later, I confessed my mistake with God, cried, and prayed, and God kept the repairer safely discharged from the hospital, and when it came to compensation, everything was within the scope of my ability. If I insist on not admitting my mistakes and blaming others, I think there will be no peace forever.The original sin is something that everyone cannot shirk, recently the residence was ratified, my first reaction in my heart was the responsibility of my roommate, but think quietly: Am I not responsible? Through life experience, God shines a light on the darkness within me: blame and condemn others without introspection! Is it reasonable if I accuse others of my sin? Why do I see thorns in my brother’s eyes, but I can’t see the beams in my own eyes?

02. I didn’t expect that I would also become a pot backer

“What you do to others, people will do to you.” This statement is very true. Throwing the pot to others, for a moment proud, will definitely suffer its own consequences in the future. People still have to learn to introspect themselves and take responsibility for being deceived, because their own forgetfulness does not mean that others will forget.

I work as a matchmaker on the project, liaising with the planning company and Party A. Once the plan proposes to modify an album, it is then printed and placed in the place where the customer is received. After clarifying the revision requirements, I confirmed with the company’s designer repeatedly, and the final picture was also planned and nodded, so I asked the designer to export the production file and send it to the printing company. Who knew that there would be such a serious problem as ghosting in the printed atlas?

In a hurry, I quickly checked with the designer, and he quickly replied that it was indeed his final export that had made a mistake. Because the file format of the album is very special, as a docking person, I do not have the corresponding software to open and check, I can only rely on my design of myself to be careful enough, not to mention that he finally sent me and the planned final draft picture is no problem.In order not to delay the process of Party A, the project leader quickly contacted the reprinting, which cost 2,000 yuan. Considering that everyone was not paid well, the leader decided to let me share a small part of the cost with the project leader. Although I can understand this decision, I am really unwilling, because the fault lies entirely with the design, why should we bear it? I even thought that the design punishment was not severe enough, and he might not have a long memory!Forget it, there is not much money to share, and it will pass after a while. But my heart was really angry that I was punished for my unwarranted mistake for the first time, and I complained to God that I had encountered injustice. Soon, the second batch of printed albums arrived, and who knew that the planning found another big problem, there was a text error on the cover! This can’t be said to be a design problem, it’s the result of me, the docking person, not checking carefully! I’m so ashamed to get such a result. I was depressed and indignant before in order to back the design pot, but now I really carry my own pot.God does not fail to do amazing things, and people sometimes laugh at fifty steps. Through this incident, I have come to understand the importance of humility, because God’s discipline comes when I don’t know it. Don’t rush to conclusions when others make mistakes, because facing the same mistakes does not necessarily mean that I will be better than others. “Crying with those who mourn” and “shouldering each other’s burdens” are not easy to do. Look at the many things in the pandemic and ask God for mercy.

03. Admit mistakes only mean that you are smarter than in the past

Dumping each other can be seen not only in the family but also in the response of the state. It is a pity that everyone’s focus has been blurred by the “pot”, but they have forgotten the lessons to be learned and the lessons to be learned.

This goal is the cauldron of exterminating humanity, and no one dares to carry it.

Many feelings are hidden in the heart, and many days dare not speak up. Like recently a big black cauldron appeared. Some tourists, overseas Chinese, and international students stranded overseas have returned to China because of the peak of the epidemic. Indeed, a small group of people did not follow the instructions and did not respect the national conditions, knowing that they were sick or concealing the plane, and the virus returned to China. As a result, there was an insult on the Internet, and a human flesh search caused an uproar. I think about how many overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese emptied their wallets, emptied their foreign stocks, and selflessly donated masks and protective clothing to return to China for rescue. We all live on this earth, how can we divide nationalities and boundaries in the face of viruses?In the face of life and death, how many people can be fearless and carry the weight forward? In fact, most people are afraid of death, including healthcare workers, especially if there is not enough protective equipment, who will protect them? If your family is on the front lines of the pandemic, you will understand that feeling. May we compare our hearts to our hearts, be considerate of the situation and weaknesses of others, and not jump to conclusions.It is really sad to see a lot of statements on the Internet that incite hatred and hurt each other. Even though Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden by God for their sins and dumped each other, God still had their needs in mind. When the cool breeze rose, God made clothes for them to wear, warmed them, and filled the heavens and the earth with love. May we draw closer to God and distance our hearts from evil.Admitting mistakes only means that you are smarter than you used to be. Acknowledging mistakes is the first step to progress.The first is to restrain yourself from throwing the pot, people will face the temptation to throw the pot and argue for themselves, and endure this temptation to honestly accept the responsibility they need to bear.

04. Just remembered to find God!

I don’t know when it started, but “dumping pot” has been like a shadow in our lives, and it works seamlessly with us. Now that people around the world are staying home, the pandemic has forced us to face our closest people every day, and sometimes the closest people seem to be “enemies”. It’s not that you have no bottom line, it’s that I just don’t want to endure, just hit a little, and blow up when you touch it.

It is relatively impossible to have no quarrels with my husband every day, and sometimes in order to show their respective attitudes and positions, it is common for both parties to argue with reason. Sometimes I feel noisy ah, tired and panicked, forget it! But when the old self is wrong, I have to fight according to reason, and after fighting, I will fall into emptiness, and I feel very bored, so I think of looking for God! Find God, and I can stand in good times and bad; With God, no matter what wind blows, I know who I am and what my foundation is.When throwing the pot, I don’t feel that I am throwing the pot, and the chemistry of dilemma and emotions is very high. At that time, the dumping pot was often defined by itself as self-protection with reasonable reasons. It is difficult to say whether it is reasonable or not, but the reasons for one, two, three, or four points of explanation must be made a list. Every bit of it may be a real feeling from my standpoint, so I often get caught up in it and can’t extricate myself.It is often said that changing a position and listening to other people’s thoughts and feelings is the calmness of the bystander, and I just can’t get out of my feelings at the moment, because my feelings are so real and sad. But unfortunately, throwing pots is like a craft, the more you do it, the more you get started, and finally you get familiar with it and become natural. Without a light in the quiet of times, I can’t stop throwing the pot in any way. Real change is almost impossible to happen in the midst of being asked, and more often at the moment of epiphany. So, I felt that I should give myself more time alone with God and hear what God had to say to me.When I was a student, I was deeply influenced by the fact that “if people do not serve themselves, the heavens and the earth will perish”, I still remember going to Thailand to teach as an intern in college, and I came into contact with Chinese the gospel of Christ in a Buddhist country, and I met two spiritually mature preachers who had the unconditional love of Christ in them. Life affects life, and I am chosen by the Lord’s love. Everyone prayed, sang songs, encouraged each other, and had a great time.After returning home after the internship, I faced the severe test of the domestic environment, the persecution of my family, and the puzzlement of my friends… Their spiritual life began to regress and began the path of self-righteous wilderness—thinking that the Bible’s concept of “believing and unbelieving” was outdated, thinking that it was God’s will, thinking that he had God’s blessing. Experiencing the suffering of my ex-wife’s cheating and betrayal in the “wilderness”, the other party’s bottomless indulgence occurred on the basis of my unprincipled accommodation and tolerance!

How to take responsibility for your mistakes? There is only one answer – to worship the Father who loves us in heart and truth, to stop being self-centered and to humbly admit our mistakes! The sovereignty of life is in God’s hands. During the pandemic, I read spiritual books, read the Bible every day with my group members, and now I read 2 Chronicles. If an experience is not deeply self-reflective, it will still repeat the same mistakes.  

05. Carry your pot and follow the Lord

For the past two years, I have often felt something at the party. The sins of the church community against the Gentiles can be described as torch-eyed and brave and good at war, But brothers and sisters are secretive about criticism. When the question involves those who bear various titles of fiction and reality, they must be called “scholars, celebrities, international topics”; In particular, leaders whose mission is to “make meritorious contributions and expand their influence” will be pressured and counterattacked by their admirers in the name of love: unloving, unqualified, and unified. Where love, truth, and justice are most pursued, cold, unjust, and unjust dramas are often performed.

However, I have to admit that there are perhaps more facts that I ignore or trivialize. Although criticism of people is not groundless, our criticism has been made only out of a hardened heart for a long time. What impact will one’s own remarks, which are close to venting, have on the other party and the crowd, who are also immature? The apostles’ critique of the church was based on spiritual authority. Whether God permits the situation, allows it, or teaches the person to learn through the Holy Spirit and the effect of everything, aren’t these things I have to watch over in prayer?There can be no liberation without understanding the truth. Without the power to treat the problem correctly, the result can only be dumped!Jesus carried all the “pots.” “The Lord laid down his life for us, and we know what love is,” and we should bear the pot for our brothers and sisters. Paul says, “I rejoice in your suffering, and for the body of Christ, for the church, to fill in me the lacks of Christ’s afflictions.” Now, take up the “pot” and follow the Lord.