Testimony 168.chanted Lord’s name


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The female passenger shouted the Lord’s name and saved the entire flight.Yesterday, a video flooded many Christian WeChat groups, which attracted a lot of attention.

The video shows a woman in yellow shouting on a flight, shouting words such as “Jesus” and “Hallelujah” in her mouth. In the second half of the video, a scene of a plane catching fire on the runway and passengers evacuating urgently appeared.

According to the publisher, the incident took place on a flight from Dubai to Jamaica, UAE. It was the woman’s “Holy Spirit Upper Body” that caused the flight to be delayed by two hours.

Soon, the captain noticed that there was a problem with the aircraft engine, and sparks appeared, which soon ignited a raging fire. He quickly informed the crew and organized the orderly evacuation of passengers, saving their lives and avoiding a disaster.

Afterward, the captain admitted that the woman had been sent by the Lord to rescue the crew and passengers, so he thanked the Lord for his wonderful guidance.

This “miracle” quickly attracted the attention of brothers and sisters, and they forwarded it to share this great message with everyone.

However, some believers pointed out that there is a problem with the description of this video, and there is no saying in the belief that the “Holy Spirit is on the body”, which only appears in the folk séance. This video should be made by extreme charismatics.

Some brothers further pointed out that now that network technology is so developed, editing videos is not difficult, and many people have this skill.

So the author took a screenshot of the scene of the evacuation of the passengers in the video, and used Baidu, 360, etc. to identify the picture to find the source of the incident, thus proving that the second half of the video was edited.

http://news.carnoc.com/list/375/375179.html (from a screenshot of the “miracle” video transmitted online).

Almost the same picture, such a naked transplant?

According to major media reports: “On October 28, 2016, an American Airlines passenger plane caught fire while taking off from Chicago on the 28th local time, causing many injuries. Fortunately, the captain landed on the passenger plane without any deaths, and none of the 169 people on board died. ”

Dubai did have a similar accident in 2016, but on August 3 of that year, an Emirates passenger plane made an emergency landing at Dubai Airport, resulting in the death of a firefighter and the unmanned death of 300 people on board. This event is also completely different from what the video depicts.

It can be seen that the incident happened in Chicago, not Dubai as the video suggests, and the problem of this forgery is obvious.

At present, some heretical cults go to great lengths to spread their fallacies, and editing videos and fabricating miracles are their usual methods. Such as “angels appear in the sky”, “churches surrounded by rainbows” and so on, all belong to their tricks.

They took advantage of the psychology of many Christians who attach importance to miracles, and by transferring flowers and trees, they combined the two videos into one, and attached introductions, so that people who did not know what they were in were fooled and accepted their false propaganda.

The reason why some believers fall into the quagmire of mistakes is actually related to the false testimonies and false miracles forged by heretical cults. After seeing these wonderful deeds, they do not distinguish the truth from the fake, but blindly believe and enthusiastically forward. When you are credulous about heretical things, as long as they hint at you a little, and misguide, you will fall into their trap step by step.

Therefore, the various videos we see may not be true, especially all kinds of signs and wonders, and we should be more cautious. When the majority of believers see the miracle video, it is best to calm down and think, do not blindly believe, let alone forward, but find a way to verify the reliability of the video. Just like this video, as long as the screenshot is recognized, the accurate source can be found, thereby debunking this lie.

Most importantly, our faith is not a fantastic sign and wonder but is based on the Word of Jesus Christ, who is always righteous, merciful, humble, and walks with the Lord every day. Only in this way can we have the insight to distinguish between true and false, be able to debunk all kinds of fake videos, and refute the falsehood of false testimonies and false miracles.