Testimonials 181. online classes at home – Lee Po-min


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For safety reasons, children have been taking online classes at home since March 1. No one can say when they will be able to go back to school. Teachers and parents complained bitterly. The former is equivalent to suddenly working part-time as an anchor, and the pressure is even greater. The latter is equivalent to having a lesson with the children. For parents, there are several challenges, which are equivalent to climbing the dangerous peak in middle age.First, I found that many course assignments could no longer be tutored, and the authority of learning in front of children was greatly reduced.

Second, WeChat, QQ groups, Xiao blackboards, etc. constantly remind assigned tasks, making parents who are already busy working at home more hectic. For example, our family has two children who have to be more careful, lest we make the wrong mistake.

The third is that staring at children is very hard to learn. At noon, I had to cook a meal. Children have poor self-consciousness and will steal to play if they do not stare closely. I stared too hard, and I couldn’t bear it.

There is also the re-acquaintance with the child, and finding that the child raised from childhood is both familiar and strange, and even has something that scares him. There are many misunderstandings, anxieties, and struggles between parents and children, but they do not know how to deal with them.This article is mainly to talk about this point, we need to return to the ancient road and update the construction.

We originally had many expectations for our children, thinking that although the social environment was not good, our children could become good children. The criteria for a good child are good learning, being well-behaved, being obedient, and being versatile. It’s cute now, but it’s a great talent in the future. This view is biased, if not wrong because the emphasis is only on the exterior. Failing to grasp the core point, that is, the need for inner renewal, and failing to even realize the problem.

What we have observed in the past is:

Children work hard and have little time to play games; Because it is still small, it is very simple; Very close to my parents, very cute; Academic performance, although not the best, is smart; The guts are small, easy to be bullied, and so on.

It’s really pitiful to say, although they are biological flesh and blood, they usually spend very little time together. When I open my eyes in the morning, I have to go to school, and when I come back, I am busy doing my homework. In addition to homework, parents and children cannot say a few words. Some parents need to work overtime frequently, which is even worse, and the children are basically asleep when they return home. On weekends, I have to go to various cram schools, busy and busy, worrying about money. I am unwilling, but I dare not do so, for fear that my children will lose at various starting lines.

This Spring Festival, every family was trapped in their houses due to the epidemic, and they got along day and night. Many people still work online and attend classes from home.

From morning to night together, many problems were found:I was surprised to find that the child was very proficient in playing games and did not know where he learned it;found that many incisions appeared when the child was chatting with classmates online, and the Japanese cartoons he watched were not simple at all;Sometimes the anger is very strong, and the older the child, the more likely it is to get angry. Start a fire to become almost unrecognizable;Wisdom may not be there, there is a lot of cleverness. Loving games is far more than learning, but repeated persuasion only makes children rebellious. A father said to his child that if he didn’t study well, he wouldn’t be able to eat in the future. The child asked rhetorically, since they all eat, why eat hot? Choked so that Dad was speechless for a while.It is bold to tell lies, and many parents are deceived by their children but do not find out at all.

Shocked, some parents thought, “If it really doesn’t work, let my wife quit and become a full-time wife for a few years to accompany the children.” “Some plan to teach themselves child psychology and educational psychology; Some are ready to install several more cameras at home; Some plan to ask for a tutor after the epidemic has passed. These methods may be effective for a while, but in fact, it is better not to do them. Because instead of finding the real root cause, it exacerbates the problem.

Can children love learning, have empathy, see through the conspiracy behind games, and know how to honor their parents under strict supervision? The answer, of course, is no.

Children are not as deceitful as adults, but they are also defiled by human nature. As Paul said, there is no righteous man, not even one. Urging can only lead to superficial cover-ups, and repression will only lead to a future backlash. Because people have evil thoughts in their hearts since childhood. Unless the heart is renewed, it will not become a good child in the true sense of the word. “You must guard your heart more than anything else because the fruit of a lifetime is emanating from the heart.”

Too many children, accompanied by the biased supervision of their parents, are admitted to prestigious schools, earn a lot of money, and even earn fame and fortune. But eventually becomes philistine, vulgar, and indifferent. The simple and cute child is gone, and the person standing in front of him is at most a successful businessman, official, or famous actor. “You should know that dangerous days will come in the last days. For the man is to be devoted to himself, greedy for money, boastful, arrogant, slanderous, disobedient to his parents, ungrateful, unholy in heart, unaffectionate, unresentful, good at gossip, unable to covenant himself, violent in temperament, and unloving good…”

This is not success, but failure in the true sense of the word. After all, children are not our private property, and parents will have to pay accounts to the Highest in the future.

How can we accompany and lead good children?

1. Parents should have an understanding of the truth. Do not overestimate yourself, and do not overestimate children. To recognize the flaws in human nature, it is also necessary to gain insight into human weaknesses. In this way, there will be no unrealistic demands and will be considerate of the child’s weaknesses.

2. Have the right accompaniment and leadership. The way to do this is to observe how the Creator led Israel with love and mercy as well as righteousness and holiness. Then follow it. First, teach the principle, establish the boundaries, and then according to the agreed discipline of the discipline, the reward of the reward.

3. Parents should have witnessed good examples. Not being able to hold your own phone and then ask your child not to play games; You can’t have the habit of reading, but you need your child to love learning; You can’t honor your parents, but hope that your children will know how to honor themselves in the future.

4. Pay attention to your child. Discover the subtle changes in the child’s heart from the superficial behavior, and make timely adjustments. Let children have trust in their parents, and are willing to communicate and ask for help. Only by trusting each other can we truly lead effectively.

5. The most important thing is to pray, not to provide fine food and fashionable clothing. Let children fear the Lord and gain true wisdom.

We cannot follow the customs of this world and guide our children with wrong values so that they will be lost in the jungle of material desires. Rather, like Timothy’s mother, teach her children wisely in order to receive the best blessings.